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Must To-do After a Massage for a More Lasting Experience

Must To-do After a Massage for a More Lasting Experience

What to do after a massage will determine the benefits and the during time of your relaxation state. It’s very frustrating to feel the tension return again when you are outside the treatment room.

At AOL Massage, we want to make sure the benefits of a therapeutic session are going to last as long as possible. For this reason, it’s important to get the most out of your massage treatment.  Therefore, be properly prepared to receive a professional massage. Learn what you should do or not do post-massage. Take steps to make that post-massage feeling last.


What to do after a massage:
First, the client must disconnect their cell phone and any other device that may disturb their rest. And if you are a manual therapist, do not hesitate or feel any qualms about reminding the client, you will see how much you and the client will appreciate it.

Do not hold your breath or tighten your muscles during the massage. Also, disconnect your mind to external elements, neutralizing any thought, because, besides everything else, the massage is an energy exchange between the masseuse and you.

Because the massage increases blood circulation, it is also good to avoid the person with a full stomach, but you also have to prevent that he has not eaten for a long time.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is to wear comfortable clothes, which allow you to position yourself properly without having your clothes pinched or pinned. In addition, it is essential to wear something that will enable you to dress and undress comfortably.

Consider not to make your appointment between working or another kind of activities.  You can lose its effects and your money. Try to schedule before resting time, when you can go home. So you will increase the relaxing feeling.

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We Recommend to answer what to do after a massage

🌸  Avoiding Strenuous Exercise

 Muscle soreness may occur post massage therapy. However, it will disappear 24-48 hours after your visit. Therefore, you must wait a minimum of 24 hours to exercise the muscles treated during the massage.

🌸  Staying Hydrated

Drinking water helps to eliminate and remove more toxins post-massage. This toxins gather by the stress spots, too. The muscle tissues mean dehydration of the body.

The massage works increasing your blood circulation. When you feel the climax instants in your massage that means the blood is flowing to those points blocked and deprived by trigger points and constricted muscles. Drinking water give you the result of not losing the good work after a massage.

An extra-tip consist in  going to the toilet. Urinating is another way to letting go all the toxins from your body.

🌸 Applying an Anti-Inflammatory Gel

If muscle soreness is severe, gently apply an anti-inflammatory gel on the affected for relief.

🌸 Always stretching

If you want to enjoy the benefits of massage you must stretch after every session. That’s because stretching works realigning the muscle fibers and improving muscle recovery. It’s good like a nervous system training, too. This determines the flexibility level of your body. 

🌸 The benefits of the hydrotherapy

Basically its benefits come from its thermal and mechanical effects. The  hydrotherapy working comes from:

  • The protracted application of heat.
  • Pressure exterted by the water.
  • The same sensation fo the water.

The hydrotherapy is the best option for prolonging the feeling of relaxation, helping the better sleep conditions and the natural muscles recovering.

🌸 Try to rest

Always after a massage you need some time to relax. This will let you feel the massage benefit as long a possible. It all depends of wht your body ask for. Sometimes you need to sleep or go to reading in a park. You can take a shower to feel more relaxed, also will help you to repair and re-tune yourself. The best idea is a warm shower. Not too hot, not too cold. Warm is the perfect point to rest and increase your circulation.

🌸 Track your body feelings afterwards

It’s normal to feel a little sores sensation after a good massage session. But it’s not normal to feel a lot of pain several days after. Maybe your therapist has gone too far. An excessive intense session can induce a little health damage. You must track this symptoms and tell your therapist. The next session can be modified to best suit you.

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