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What is Bobath and what does it consist of?

What is Bobath and what does it consist of?

What is Bobath? Can be defined as a type of physiotherapeutic treatment for patients with damage to the central nervous system. Keep reading for more information!

The Bobath philosophy

The philosophy is to improve patients’ mobility through preparing the involved musculature. And in addition, education in everyday movement. Many physical therapists use the Bobath concept in rehabilitating patients with neurological conditions. As a result, it promotes sensory and motor pathways and eases normal movement.

The Bobath history

It was created by Dr. Karel Bobath (neurophysiologist) and his wife Berta Bobath (teacher). It was in the 1950s, based on the neuroscience knowledge of those days.
Between the two of them, Berta from the clinical aspect and Karel from the neuroscience available at that time. They developed the Bobath Concept for the treatment of children and adults with neuromotor disorders. The two of them traveled around the world, teaching and training different professionals in the Bobath Concept.
Source: Fisioterapia Neurológica (in spanish).

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Bobath Principles

The focus of this concept is based on the brain’s ability to adapt to change, reorganize and recover after neurological damage. All treatment with the method follows certain premises. Although it is adapted to the different conditions of each patient with neurological pathology. These principles would be:

  • Encouragement of normal movement patterns.
  • Focus on the quality of movement.
  • Normalization of tone to facilitate active movement.
  • Positioning and posture when lying, sitting, and standing.
  • Discourage compensatory movements.
  • Discourage muscle strength training.
  • Encouraging maximum functional recovery to improve the quality of independence.

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