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What Is a Sport Massage Session?

What Is a Sport Massage Session?

What is a sport massage session? It could be considered just for the athletes like hard runners or gym dwellers. But there are much more people than necessarily don’t have that activity rhythm but lie to have a good exercise routine. In a sport massage you can receive a surprise because the therapist will try to make an oriented and therapeutic work:

  • Evaluation of postures.
  • Analysis of your gaits.
  • Stretching from your shoes to all your body to evaluate your body and bones.

This is the importance of having an exclusive service of massage according to your needs.

A Sport massage can work in different ways. It’s specialized in some specific aspects like mobility, flexibility, recovery or maintenance.  This session tries to be less relaxing than focused in some techinques that help like warm ups for workout, recovery after workouts, rehabilitation from injuries or maintenance over the training routines.

Differences between sports and regular massage

To know better what is a sport massage session first you need to know the basic differences with a regular one.

Regular massage

With a regular massage you will have a full body treatment with a light to medium intensity. Maybe your muscles will feel looser and with less sore after the respective session. Regular massages make you feel pampered, too. They have all the elements to make you feel more relaxed and calmed. Candles, soft music, oils and muscle rubs are some of them.


what is a sport massage session regular
Sport massage
what is a sport massage session sports

But with sport massages there are a lot of techniques that help to manipulate soft muscle tissues. this seem to enhance the performance of someone who makes normal sports activity.

The qualified massage therapists help to work on:

  • Rehabilitate muscle or tendon pains.
  • Untie aching knots.
  • Accelerate the injuries recovering.

Finally the main difference is that sport massages session are focused in specific regions of the body for alleviate soreness. The regular massage seems more like a relaxing full body session.

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