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What are the different types of massage?

What Are The Different Types of Massage?

Massage is the activity of rubbing, pressing, or hitting with a certain rhythm and intensity on various parts of the body. Consequently, for therapeutic, aesthetic, or sporting purposes. Massage can be considered a technique, art, or even science. Since it involves biological, medical, psychological, and other issues. It is considered that massages can help muscle relaxation, relieve pain and induce sleep. Learn here what are the different types of massage:

Amma massage:

It can be practiced either lying down or sitting on a specific massage chair. It seeks to balance the distribution of Qi (body energy) throughout the body. As a result, relieve tension and achieve a real sense of well-being. Due to its great fame among Westerners, it is increasingly common to see people performing this therapy in the street.

Prenatal massage for pregnant women:

It is intended to relieve pain caused by rapid weight gain during pregnancy. The use of strong-smelling oils is not recommended. For optimal positioning and patient comfort, we recommend the use of massage cushions. You must have the consent of the gynecologist for the realization of this therapy.
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Geothermal massage or Hot Stone Massage:

Use the power of stones to relax muscles and reduce stress. Before placing the stones on the patient, the professional will made different friction movements with the hands. This is while waiting for the stones to warm up. With the help of body lotions and essential oils, prepare the body to receive the heat of the stones. It has wide health benefits thanks to the minerals in the stones and their heat on the skin.
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the different types of massage. Hot stone massage

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abdominal massage

Manual lymphatic drainage:

With exponential growth in the West, this therapy seeks to stimulate the lymphatic network. So that toxins and white blood cells circulate properly. The use of massage oil is essential to ease fluid movements and stimulate circulation. It is very effective in combating cellulite and orange peel skin. As well as enhancing the elimination of liquids.
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Abdominal massage:

Performed exclusively by doctors and physiotherapists to decongest the digestive system. Its origins are in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although, it also aims to relax the patient. It is especially focused on the therapeutic aspect. Also in this technique, communication between the patient and the health specialist is essential. So often a session is developed as a medical consultation use. Firstly, it starts with an interview to learn in detail the history and details that have led the patient to come to the consultation.

The different types of massage by countries

Swedish massage:
The best known and most widespread in the West. It is practiced on a hard massage table and allows the use of oils for greater relaxation. It is a technique used in almost all beauty and spa centers. Perfectly adapted to the needs of contemporary society.
Chinese Tui Na massage:
For this practice, the professional uses a therapeutic point of view to end different ailments. In fact, we recommend it for treating more than 50 diseases. A Shiatsu massage table is perfect for this technique. Communication between the patient and the professional is fundamental in this therapy.
Thai massage:
Performed to stimulate blood circulation and body flexibility. For its realization, the masseur must be placed on the same surface as the patient to be able to manipulate his whole body. So the Bobath stretcher is the most appropriate, it can also be performed on the floor with a futon.

The different types of massage by cities

From Asia

Balinese massage:
This technique focuses on the relaxation and well-being of the patient. So it is very important to prepare the environment with the use of essential oil to create a total atmosphere of disconnection. In addition, the use of ambient music can also help to achieve a state of total relaxation.
Cashmere massage:
Perfect for couples, it seeks the knowledge of oneself and the other. With the aim of achieving mental, physical, and emotional harmony. It can also be practiced individually. In this case, the therapy focuses on self-acceptance. So it is a highly recommended practice for people suffering from depression.

From USA

Hawaiian massage:
This technique seeks to make the person being massaged feel loved. It is a technique full of symbolism in which the massage table represents the altar on which a sacred being, the patient, is placed. Affectionate touches full of kindness predominate to transmit positive energy.
Californian massage:
Therapy developed in the United States focused on patient relaxation. It is recommended to use a massage table for physical therapists and protect it with a cover due to the use of essential oils.
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