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Top Relaxing Pregnancy Treatments

When women are pregnant, their bodies change constanly. Carrying a tiny human inside can be hard sometimes. Feet pain, back pain, mood swings, cravings. Exhaustion! Having a healthy pregnancy is important, for the mom to be and the baby. Thats why she has to be relaxed and refreshed all the time. Keep reading to know the top relaxing pregnancy treatments.

Top Relaxing Pregnancy Treatments

Top Relaxing Pregnancy Treatments

Prenatal Massage

This type of massage is different to a normal relaxing massage from the very start. You lay on your side, supported by pillows, while the expert therapyst relieves your back muscles, as well as your neck, shoulders and legs. But be careful, your therapyst should skip the pressure point between your ankle bone and heel because there’s a belief that it can trigger contractions. 


If you want to glow even more during your pregnancy, enjoy a good facial. You can have a collagen one, a steam one, or even LED facials! Just be sure to not use any kind of chemical acids (retinol or salicylic acid).

Always be sure to talk to your doctor if you want to do another treatments such as microdermabrasion and any laser treatment.

Mani and Pedi!

Enjoy the pleassure of having the most beautiful nails during pregnancy! Pamper those swollen hands and feet with a good session of manicure and pedicure. You can use any nail polish, just take care of the nausea and dizziness if you have a sensible nose. At the moment to take off the nail polish, use an acetone-free remover and wash your hands inmediately to avoid any irritation.


Aromatherapy can be done in many ways. You can get a massage with the essential oils, use a diffuser to breathe in the aroma, or take a warm bath with a few drops of an essential oil added to the water. Try to always use oils at a concentration that’s half the standard usage, which willl reduce the amount of the oil absorbed by the skin. The most safe for pregnant women are lavender, jasmine, rose, tangerine, chamomile, neroli, ylang-ylang and lemon.

Top Relaxing Pregnancy Treatments

Disclaimer! Always consult with your doctor before trying any pregnancy treatment. The first trimester is the most delicate.