Stress Management: 3 Ways to Reduce Fight or Flight

Stress Management: 3 Ways to Reduce Fight or Flight

Stress Management: 3 Ways to Reduce Fight or Flight

At present, the human being is getting into situations that exceed his solving resources. We are always surrounded by in moments where what we have left is to “fight or flight”.

Men and women face an overload of events that greatly influence their physical, psychological and personal well-being.

Our brain begins to receive so much information that we go into anxiety, anguish and lose sleep, or what is more common we reach a stress process.

Our brain once it finds something potentially dangerous, intervenes by taking away conscious control in situations and prepares us to run or fight for our lives.

The more our need for a solution to any situation, the more frequently it will be the need to escape from them.

A real stressed person can be constantly in fight or flight; even the most insignificant things can overcome the barrier of endurance and simply collapse.

If this is your case, here we will give you a series of recommendations.


Doing any physical activity break down stress hormones and calm your nervous system.

If the stress hormones are at their lowest level, your body and mind will feel relieved, confident, and calm.

Walking or  jogging increases your heart rate and it allows you to control your stress levels.

If you decide to exercise for a long period of time, it will be beneficial.


Did you know that with breathing and relaxation techniques you can deactivate your fight or flight response?

By breathing techniques and muscle relaxation you can deactivate the fight or flight response.

The breathing exercise should be done when you are calm; then put into practice what you learned when at some point you are stressed.

You need to learn how to breathe. You should sit down in a comfortable place, close your mouth and breathe through your nose, then, exhale through your mouth.

Breathe deeply and feel how oxygen reaches your lungs.

When you feel anxiety and your response Fight or flight has begun, put into practice your breathing exercises.

It is important that you perform relaxation exercises. You can do them before bedtime. It is the ideal time because it is when the tension in your body decreases.

Practicing relaxation exercises will help you learn how your muscles feel when they are relaxed.

This will help you respond quickly before anxiety and stress take over you completely.


Definitely, today we have a rhythm of life full of activities and we end the day stressed, overwhelmed and tired.

How many times have we thought, “I need a relaxing massage” ?; So is it time to receive an anti-stress massage.

Massage is a therapy that improves the well-being of the person.

You can go to a massage center in chicago where you will receive advice and provide the most convenient massage for you

Massages allow a mental state of relaxation; They help to reduce or eliminate muscular tensions, improve circulation, relieve anxiety and tensions that are lived day by day.

Massages will undoubtedly provide you with a feeling of relaxation and calm, a relax massage Chicago is an alternative to relieve your stress. Find us