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Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 are some of the most discussed issues. So, here are some tips to cope with the circumstances and ease the suffering.

Manage your feelings

The uncertainty of the situation can cause anxiety even in people who aren’t prone to it.
Find a safe and controlled way to acknowledge and express your difficult emotions. For example, you can write them, talk to a friend or practise yoga or meditation. If your symptoms are severe, contact a mental health professional.

Be realistic

It is not realistic to think you can do it all. The drawbacks of perfectionism are well known. Instead, try prioritizing one or two things, and let the others slide a little. Take time out for self-care. Also, remind yourself not to worry if you let work projects slide a little. You’ll get to it all when you can. Focus on your high priority items!

Make the best of the situation

Here you need to distinguish between things you can control and things you cannot. In particular, you are totally in control of your response to the situation. Accepting the uncertainties of the future, while at the same time identifying areas in your life you can control is a good place to start.

Keep your routines

Catching up on sleep is great. But it would be better not to sleep until noon every day. Keep your schedules and routines much as they were before. Of course with modifications to suit your new routine. Have set times to work, set times for meals, activities and a relatively regular bedtime.

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