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Meditation Styles to Help Anxiety

Feeling anxious is common in our lifes. It is part of our natural response to danger and survival instinct. However, sometimes we can develop anxiety disorders, due to some traumatic experience or just because so. Their causes depend on very much factors, and can lead to other complications such as depression, insomnia or substance abuse. At AOL Massage we encourage you to look for professional help when it is needed. A good way to deal with some types of anxiety disorders is trough meditation, so today we bring you 4 meditation styles to help anxiety.

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Overthinking, overplanning, or being constantly trying to solve everything  are common symptoms of anxiety. With mindfulness, the goal is to mantain yourself focused on your present moment. This type of meditation focuses on make you aware of what you are sensing and feeling without any judgment.

Progressive Relaxation

Also known as body scanning, this sort of cousin of the mindfulness method consists on tensing and relaxing each part of your body and being completely aware of it. Feeling how your muscles get tight and then relaxed helps your brain to identify when you’re really in danger and when you’re not.

Meditation Styles to Help Anxiety

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation, as it name says, is a guide that helps you go through any kind of meditation you want. It can be mindfulness, progressive relaxation, breathing exercises and more. This is a great tool to use when you have a hard time focusing and keeping your brain quiet.

Mantra Meditation

Using mantras as you meditate is algo a good guide, because it makes easier to your brain to focus on one specific word, or short phrase, that you repeat in order to achieve your meditation goal. In this case, to lower your anxiety. There are lots of mantras that you can try and use according of your needs or comfort. Here we show you some ideas of mantras.

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Meditation styles to help anxiety