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Aol Massage Chicago has re-envisioned and become a premier massage center. 

Re-Opened in 2019 By Alejandro B.  an experienced therapist with a vision for customer attention. Our main goal is to provide a real customized experience to every client.

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Over 15 Years Experience! Open 7 Days a Week

What our Clients Say:

Great massage experience. I was able to schedule the same day and the massage was fantastic! I will be coming back for sure.

Maria Sanchez
rating stars
Very good service, I loved the relaxation massage very professional
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I enjoy going every other month. I would definitely recommend getting a massage after a busy work week.

Steve Harris
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Get All Benefits!

The benefits of relaxing massage go beyond offering the body and mind a deep state of well-being. Massage promotes relaxation and stimulates a series of positive actions in the body.  This technique helps blood circulation and reduces the typical discomfort of premenstrual syndrome. Among other benefits of this technique are:

  • Help reducing back and head pain

  • It fights body stiffness.

  • Decreases our stress levels

  • It stops fatigue and anguish.

  • Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation

  • Fighting Anxiety and Depression

  • It helps to eliminate toxins

  • Decrease muscle tension and promote flexibility

At Aol Massge we not only offer the best massages in town. We also have good professionals and the most modern facilities. So, you can take full advantage of the benefits of massage and get a pleasant experience. Remember, all types of body treatments should be performed in a reliable center. We invite you to visit us to discover the wonders our professional team can do for your well-being.