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Is My Neck The Reason of My Headache?

Is My Neck The Reason of Headache?

The hardest symptoms you know from headache are that dull sensation or feeling of tighness that runs from your neck to your forehead. Headaches are one of the most common ailments in today’s world. There can be a lot of reasons for headaches. This depends of their type. That’s the reason why we are gonna discover when is may neck the reason of Headache.

Next you will learn more about how to deal with this kind of headache and more information about its nature.

But... why does my neck cause headaches?

Here begins the way to understand why you can have a headache caused by neck. These two parts of the body are closely related. But the relation of the pain depends on its type and sometimes its duration.

What's the reason of neck pain?

is my neck the reason of my headache

The neck is the same cervical spine. The neck really its made of seven bones that support the head and has the mission of supporting nerves going from the spine through the brain. When the neck suffers an injury or strains can induce to some kind of headache.

These are some reasons can cause the neck pains:

  • Sometimes the way you drive your car can increase your neck pain. Try to accommodate the more comfortable you can in the drivers seat. you have to maintain a position where you get your spine straight. The fatigue caused by driving while many hours can provoke neck pain, too.
  • If your work consist in sitting all day in front of your computer, you can have some neck pain and spinal problems. check out always the position of the screen. You have to get a clear vision of this. If you don’t work in a good position this is a red alert.
  • If you sleep in the wrong position probably will have neck pain. This is the part of the body that feels more overload in this situation. Be sure to get your head in a good position.¬†

A massage is the best solution

A massage maybe is the best therapy for relaxing neck area muscles. At the same time you will help to treat the headache that are caused by this pain. We recommend you to tell your therapist exactly the kind of massage you need.

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