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How to Unplug From Technology

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How To Unplug From Technology

How to unplug from technology. It is impressive how dependent we have become, of all forms of technology. Regardless of the profession or trade we perform. It can be so difficult begin to be aware of our environment again. Today we will give you some tips for that.
We spend hours and hours every day stuck to a smartphone, desktop or laptop. But, this way of life does not help your health. We should spend part of this time in our families, friends or doing activities for ourselves.
These are any reasons why you need to disconnect from your devices:
  • Recharge batteries.
  • Feel a wonderful feeling of well-being,
  • To recover inner peace.
  • Stay in total relaxation.
  • Drop anxiety.
Life is more than Facebook status, Instagram pictures or Tik Tok videos. ¡I promise! So, there are a lot of studies that prove it. The time we spend in this reflects on isolation, discontent and tension feelings. ¿Why do we have to live like this?

Why is so important to unplug from technology?

It is very simple to disconnect from technology, so that your body and mind thank you. And it’s very easy. You need to take some time off from technology. This is not about turning off your devices. You have to make conscious of the activities you make in front of the screen. Also you need to think about why you unplug from technology. You will notice the benefits on your well being.
There is no secret that the excessive use of Internet can be an addictive behavior. That’s why many people prefer to unplug completely of technology. They try to have a simpler life. It can be difficult for people who like web browsing, to get advice of news or those who like to chat with friends. Reading books in devices is too harmful for sight, headaches or the sleeping quality.
Next we will give you the key points to detoxify the technology:
How To Unplug From Technology​

1. Minimize or silence notifications

You don’t need to turn off your smartphone, because we know you need to be connected. What we recommend is that you schedule it so that you receive alerts only of your most urgent matters.

This will help you suppress worries and reduce anxiety, which are so harmful to your body. It will also allow you to better plan your work schedule.

Sometimes it’s tricky to manage and hide notifications manually. So, you can use free apps for blocking them in free technology times. Notification cleaner, Anti-Social, Freedom, are some you can try. We recommend you to do it as in your smartphone like in your laptop. 

2. Use the internet and social networks for health

You can use your smartphone and personal computer, as an ally for your health. Listening to the music you like: ballads, instrumental, classical, country, blues, jazz, rock, disco, pop, etc.

You can also watch videos on topics that you like a lot like sports, movies, cultural programs, entertainment, funny, etc.

3. Replace time online with massage therapy

Without a doubt, it represents the best technique to unplug from technology. Discover how can a massage improve your health and well-being.

A massage therapy, raises the levels of the hormones of happiness and reduces those of stress. This allows you to free your body of anxieties, worries and degenerative diseases.

Apart, it relaxes all the muscles of your body, relieves pain and you’ll experience a unique feeling of energy and well-being. It’s important to find what type of massage should I choose in order to get maximum experience.

How To Unplug From Technology

4. Put your phone to sleep

See bedtime as something sacred to your health. A person who does not sleep well is decreasing his mental capacity and gradually deteriorating his body.

You must set a rule at night, to disconnect your smartphone and also put it to sleep. In this way, you will get the best gift of resting and sleeping deeply.


5. How Can I Unplug from Techonology

We don´t suggest you to stop using technology inmmediately. For some people this measures are not so good. A better option is doing it in phases.
The first advice is to track the time you spend connected. Make a difference between social media, work, emails, games, entertainment, and others. 
You can do it in phases of 10% reduction. A week or a month. Then you can make notes on how you feel and reduce another 10%. Enjoy being more relaxed and controlling your habits. So, you can make the next step: Increasing gradually again the Internet consumption. ¡Prove it!
how to unplug from technology reduce

6. Create free-technology areas

It’s very important letting zones where there are no technologic devices. The dining room, the kitchen or a house garden don’t need it. Remember to rest and bring together with your family in this kind of places. Yo can do it with your coworkers, too.

You can adapt different areas in your house or your work place. Places where there are no laptops, smartphones, tablets and others. You can spend free times going outside to walk, drink a coffee or something to eat. 

It’s very interesting that you will notice your technology use reduction. Also you are going to feel a high focus level, even more daily calm and satisfying mood. 

7. Books. Make a library and always carry a book

A book is always a good companionship. If you can’t go to a library, make your own. So, as you ready built your free-technology sites, you can adapt your home library.
This will be another option to disconnect from technology. As you can make any other activities, reading will be renovating. Your mind and body will thank you.
Including the books in your free time hobbies will show you are not only a worker body, you are a constant learner. Think about it will be very positive. Sometimes you are full of anxiety when the smartphone is not near. Get more books in your environment and you’ll perceive this sensation reduction soon.
You also can go out and read in the park, at the bus, in the coffee shop or anywhere else. It’s an amazing way to enjoy your day and your free time.


8. What is a Digital Detox?

This option is perfect for those who can take radical decisions. For any of us it’s easier to unplug completely from technology. Thus you will appreciate a different state of solitude.
You can do it day by day. Begin with one, then you can do it for a week. Tell everyone you are going to disconnect for some time. You can interpret it like if you were on a vacation trip to the beach or the remote mountains.
Practice healthy activities or every tips we gave you in this post. When you come back to your daily routine you will feel peaceful, energized and more relaxed. 

We live in a world full of constant information, noise and pollution for our minds, body and health. That’s why we need to think in the most recommended way to reduce stress. And not just for our body wellness. it’s very important to be conscious of the all the aspects of our lives. 

Remember all the information we gave you and do it for real. Also you can take therapy massages as a part of your free technology activities. Contact us and enjoy all our services.

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