How to Restore Your Parasympathetic Nervous System with A Kind Massage

How to Restore Your Parasympathetic Nervous System with A Kind Massage

If you feel tired, nervous system or suffering stomachache and pains in the back and neck without a visible reason, you are under attack of one of the health’s worst enemies: Stress.

The accelerated Rhythm of every day can bring about high levels of stress. Stress most of the times can prevent you from enjoying the beauties of the city or country, as well as your family and loved ones.

That’s why you should try an extensive massage to allow your body and mind enter in a deep communion of inner peace and relax. Anti-stress massage provides an intense body relaxation. Massage therapists focus on relieving any tension found in your back, neck, shoulders, arms or legs.

Massages definitely help your nervous system

Massage center in chicago clinical studies have shown that receiving massages regularly is beneficial either for your body or your mind, giving you a lasting peaceful feeling that helps you to face every day’s challenges with more energy and happiness.

Besides relieving the body of stress, massages also strengthen your immune and nervous system providing you a healthier life and a more productive performance in all areas of your living.

Almost every symptom of stress listed by the American Psychological Association can be released with a good massage anti stress massage.

Actually, research has shown that massages can lower blood pressure, and relax muscles. Also, they increase the production of endorphins. As you know, endorphins are natural chemicals that make your body “feel good”.

Serotonin and dopamine are also released during a massage. As a result, your body can relax profoundly. Thus, reduction of chronic or habitual stress occurs.

Even more, stress relief is a beneficial result of a good massage therapy. It’s also a key component for anyone trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle; so, if you are looking for a great massage session, give us a call to book your appointment. We guarantee your full satisfaction.

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