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How to Improve Your Posture for a Healthy Back

How to Improve Your Posture for a Healthy Back

To improve posture means that we must train our body to acquire positions exerting the least possible pressure on the muscles and ligaments that allow the development of basic activities such as walking, running, lying down, sitting, among others.

Good posture is necessary to maintain proper alignment so that the muscles are used properly. Besides, good posture prevents arthritis.

Good posture prevents fatigue since muscles are used efficiently. The good news is that you can improve posture by taking certain habits.

Avoid sitting for a long time helps to improve posture

Because of our work we spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.
To improve posture you can perform low intensity activities, such as standing and walking. Avoiding sitting for extended periods will help reduce back pain.

How to Improve Your Posture for a Healthy Back

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Practice the stretching sessions and exercises that allow you to improve your posture.

Sit straight and place your hands on your thighs. Level chin and shoulders down. Follow and slowly place your shoulders back and tighten your shoulder blades.

Take a second and fold forward.

The forward fold is a stretch performed standing up. This helps you release tension in the spine. In addition, this position allows you to stretch your hips and legs.

How to Improve Your Posture Fold Foward

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Remember that it is very important to have a healthy back. Try to improve your posture and take healthy habits.

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