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How to deal with daily chronic pain?

For many years the treatment for persistent pain was simply to lie down all day. Fortunately, times have changed. Keeping absolute rest for weeks no longer exists. But,  How to deal with daily chronic pain?

Dealing with chronic daily pain

Forget about resting!

Yes, it is as you read! We are telling you not to lie in bed all day. Inactivity makes the muscles stiff and the bones weak. If so,  you will not sleep well. So,  do not stay in bed for very long periods.

For reducing pain, you need physical therapy and pain killers. Please do not self medicate.

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Do some exercise

But how will you exercise with chronic pain? Let us tell you it is possible. You can walk, swim, use a bike, do yoga, pilates, or dancing. Remember, you do not necessarily have to do high impact exercises it all depends on the physical condition you are in. You can do stretching activities and try to be active most days when you are not in pain.

However, do not exaggerate during the good days as it can be contradictory. Try with flexibility exercises,  relax massage therapy and low impact activities with others.

Get physical therapy

Best massage Chicago recommends short physical therapy processes. This will help you move better and relieve pain progressively. In addition it will ease the performance of daily tasks.

Physical therapy may include exercises and hot stone massage. Some places may combine other alternatives.

Experts can recommend all the exercises and types of massages that are adapted to your needs. According to your pain you can improve in the next few days.You will be able to recover your daily life.

It is important to attend a professional center. If you need more advice or want to know more about   How to deal with daily chronic pain Follow us on Facebook. We will help you.

Do physiotherapy with our professionals

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