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How Hot Stone Massages Can Melt Away the Winter Blues

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A hot stone massage therapy is great for mental health. Among its benefits we can find: relaxation, tension free, and stress relieve.

On the other hand, according to experts, a therapy massage will help preventing the symptoms of Winter Blues. Specially a hot stone massage therapy can amazingly fight against these melancholic feelings.

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Stimulates the production of hormones to feel good

Medical studies have found that massage influences body chemistry. In addition,  it raises the levels of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters involved in depression.

Did you know that massages release oxytocin, the “love” hormone? This hormone is associated with confidence. To that warm feeling, you get from a massage.

Regular massage relieves anxiety

Getting a massage frequently reduces stress and decreases cortisol levels.

Massage improves concentration

If you have trouble concentrating, try a hot stone massage therapy. It is one of the ways you can increase your mental capacity to perform daily tasks. Once the massage releases tension, there is an improvement in blood flow to the brain.

By increasing blood flow, oxygen levels raise and your attention would be sharper.

Increased Vitality

One of the main benefits of massage is improving circulation. A massage can eliminates the toxins. Beside, massages stimulate the lymphatic system, so that, your body can detoxify itself easily.

Relieves insomnia

Stress can produce insomnia, and an excellent way to reduce both is getting a massage. When you receive a massage, your body is stress free and as consequence you will relax. As a result, sleeping well can keep those melancholy winter thoughts away.

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