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Stop in to experience the best hot stone massage in Chicago. Our hot stone massage is performed by experienced massage therapist. This type of massage offers amazing benefits. Since it is a specialty massage, it consists of using heated stones. These are placed on the body while the therapists massages other parts of it.

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What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles. This helps our therapist work deeper and quickly.

Stones Used In Typical Massages: 
  • Volcanic stone massage
  • Himalayan hot stone massage

Best Times to Book a Massage?

You can request this service throughout the year. Hot Stone Massages have gained popularity for their relaxing nature. While you can enjoy this massage in summer months, it’s fantastic in the winter. So come on in and have a professional massage. 

Benefits of Hot Stone Massages:

  • Relief pain associated with chronic conditions
  • Helps decreasing pain and muscle spasms
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increases flexibility
  • Relieves strained and contracted muscles
hot stone massage chicago

Our Geothermal Therapy

Geothermal therapy allows combining therapeutic massage together with the use of stones. Each stone is located in strategic points of the body. This allows energy to flow properly; consequently it will relieve our discomfort or pain.

Remember that the stones used are mostly volcanic stones.

Special properties of our geothermal massage

There are many properties that a hot stone massage offers. Among the main ones are:

Pain reduction and relief

This occurs due to the direct action of heat on the specific points that are responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain to our nerve receptors. These receptors are the ones that make us aware of pain.

Eliminates toxins from the skin

Through the sweating that is produced by the high temperature of the stones, the body can release toxins and consequently get rid of what is affecting our body. Also, you will have more radiant skin as an extra treatment bonus.

Hot stone massage improves our circulatory system

Due to the combination of hot stones with the action of massage, our circulatory system is activated immediately.

Hot stone massage

Wonderful aesthetic effects

Apart from releasing stress and tensions, getting a hot stone massage service will also be beneficial for your skin. The hot stone offers wonderful aesthetic effects, completely visible.

It is as if your massage therapist works a stone massage and a facial spa at the same time. You will feel that you have a whole spa experience.

This therapy revitalizes, oxygenates and brightens your skin. The main reason is because of the activation of your circulatory system and the elimination of toxins. All this helps to reaffirm the tissues, so that your skin will look smoother and healthier.

Hot stone massage

Peace of mind

This type of therapy is ideal for people who suffer from nervous problems such as stress, anxiety or insomnia. The relaxing effects of this treatment are amazing. Our gift to you, Peace of mind

Feel comfortable and safe

In our treatment rooms you will feel very comfortable and relaxed. Let our massage therapist perform a previous massage with an essential oil. This will allow the stones to slide easily throughout your body.

Hot Stone Massage Options

Hot stone full body massage

Our professional massage therapists will provide a full body or partial massage. This depends on the kind of massage services  you choose.

Hot Stone Massage Price

Massage rates and services in Chicago may vary widely. We recommend you to take into account what  is included with every massage. As well as, the time you are spending in each treatment. Additionally, visit the massage center to see the facility, rooms and staff. Doing so, you can  reassure you are choosing the best massage spa. Some massage spas have higher rates based on accommodations and perks.

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For you to know...

  • Hot stone massage should be performed only by qualified specialists. We are those specialists.
  • All our stones are properly sanitized This way we ensure the best results without representing risk to your health.
  • Our specialists know the appropriate temperatures that the stones must have.
  • After a hot stone massage you should drink plenty of water to hydrate.
  • Ideally, receive several sessions per month to ensure greater and better results.

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I enjoy going every other month. I would definitely recommend getting a massage after a busy work week.

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