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Feeling Anxious? 5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help

Feeling Anxious? 5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help

Feeling Anxious? 5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help.
A large number of men and women have this feeling in everyday situations. They suffer from excessive worry. This illness can cause physical effects such as rapid breathing and tachycardia. There are many treatment options, for sure. Yet, according to experts, massage therapy it’s one that works. Especially because of the effects, which can be surprising.
Here, we want to show you 5 reasons this type of treatment can be helpful for your well-being and health. 

1 It activates our social being

 When someone suffers from anxiety there is some kind of isolation. Massages allow us to reconnect with our surroundings. It also allows us to release endorphins for the feeling of happiness and tranquility.

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2 It helps you sleep better

A good massage helps you to sleep better. Being able to sleep and rest is essential for good health.

3 It improves the immune system

 When cortisol amounts increase, a negative effect on the immune system occurs. Massage helps to activate the defense mechanism against viruses.

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4 It helps regulate blood pressure

By relaxing both the body and the mind, blood pressure and heart rate decrease significantly.

5 Release hormones

Massages can release dopamine and oxytocin. Like serotonin, these hormones are necessary to feel balanced and focused and thus control anxiety levels.

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Still feeling anxious? Here is the conclusion

In conclusion massage therapy can help control anxiety. Keep in mind that receiving regular massages will not cure the disorder, this is a clinical condition that cannot be cured, but if it can be treated, fortunately, massages are part of the treatment.

Remember that if for any reason you experience any symptoms of anxiety, you should see your doctor. The doctor will assign you the appropriate treatment. Also keep in mind that you should always attend certified massage centers, as ours! We are looking forward to see you.