Can a massage help you with anxiety?

Can a massage help you with anxiety?

Do massages help ease anxiety?

Massage therapy can assist in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Massages provide a wide variety of immediate physical and mental health benefits.

For example, proper massages can decrease muscle tension, headaches, and other symptoms related to stress.

Additionally, massages have the ability to reduce cortisol levels that increase as the body responds to stress. Therefore, people that aim to reduce stress levels should lower their cortisol levels.

As a result of reduced psychological and physiological stress or anxiety levels, massage therapy can enhance concentration.

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Furthermore, massage therapy can increase serotonin and dopamine levels. Serotonin can help you maintain a balanced mood. Additionally, an increase in dopamine can help you be more productive.

Massages also act positively on the lymphatic system and improve its ability to eliminate toxins. Since massages stimulate the flow of blood and lymph vessels, circulation is enhanced. You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself or a loved-one to a great experience.