Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

woman getting a stone massage in her back

Since when have you not given yourself a massage session that really benefits your health?

You have thought about the amount of hours you work during the month, without spending a small portion of that time giving your body a gift. Well, it was time to feel the wonderful effects of hot stone massage on your health.

This massage consists of placing volcanic stones brought from the islands of Hawaii, which have a large amount of natural iron. These are heated and then placed under a harmonious methodology on all areas that have energy points throughout your body such as: spine, knees, shoulders, rib cage, abdomen, forehead, hands, toes, etc.

Hot Stone Massages are a Great way to Relax!

The action of hot stone massage on your whole body is really extraordinary. This is due to the perfect synchronization that exists between heat volcanic iron, and energy points of the body. Which are treated by therapists and specialists who combine these ancient techniques for your complete relaxation.

The benefits of hot stone massage are the following:

  • Reduces stress, due to the total relaxation action that is experienced when all the body’s energy flows, releasing anxiety.

Promotes good sleep, with hot stone therapy decreases adrenal secretion, balancing mental hyperactivity which induces a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

  • Comprehensive relief of any medical condition, this benefit is achieved by its direct action on diseases such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Excellent appearance and aesthetics, by releasing toxins from your body due to the heat produced by volcanic stones, it improves your blood circulation and this translates into a much brighter and radiant skin.

Therefore if you want to experience all these amazing benefits for your health, visit us we are the only Spa that offers the best hot stone massage in all of Chicago.

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