Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago
best hot stone massage chicago

Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

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Since when have not you received a massage session that really benefits your health? For a long time, right? So, it is time to get the best hot stone massage chicago

Have  you thought about the amount of hours you work during the month, without spending a small portion of that time giving your body a gift? Well, it is time to feel the wonderful effects of hot stone massage on your health.

This massage consists of placing volcanic stones brought from the islands of Hawaii; which have a large amount of natural iron. The hot stones placed under a harmonious methodology on all areas that have energy points throughout your body such as: spine, knees, shoulders, rib cage, abdomen, forehead, hands, toes, etc.

Hot Stone Massages are a Great way to Relax!

The action of hot stone massage on your whole body is really extraordinary. This is due to the perfect synchronization that exists between heat volcanic iron, and energy points of the body. Therapists and specialists treats these areas and combine these ancient techniques for your complete relaxation.

The benefits of hot stone massage are the following:

  • Reduces stress, due to the total relaxation action that is experienced when all the body’s energy flows, releasing anxiety.
  • Promotes good sleep, with hot stone therapy decreases adrenal secretion, balancing mental hyperactivity which induces a peaceful and relaxed sleep.
  • Comprehensive relief of any medical condition, this benefit is achieved by its direct action on diseases such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Excellent appearance and aesthetics, by releasing toxins from your body due to the heat produced by volcanic stones, it improves your blood circulation and this translates into a much brighter and radiant skin.

What you don’t know about Hot Stone Massages​

  • This therapy combines the technique of traditional therapeutic massage with stones strategically placed at different temperatures on the skin.
  • The stones used are of volcanic origin.
  • It improves the flow of our own energy.
  • Our signature hot stone massage gives awesome benefits to the nervous system, organs and subcutaneous.
  • It promotes physical relaxation as a swedish massage does.
  • Relieves stress and muscle tension
  • It prevents anxiety and insomnia.
  • It releases endorphins

Prepare for your first hot stone massage

You must try for yourself what a hot stone massage feels like.

  • Hot stone offers the best of massages. It will do most of the work; so get ready to relax your body and release muscle tension.
  • Try to schedule your appointment on your day off, because you will have more time to dedicate to yourself.
  • Dress comfortably. Remember that for the massage you should be without clothes. But be calm; You will have a blanket covering you properly. 
  • Sessions include time for consultation and dressing
  • Your therapist can make arrangements to make you feel more comfortable and less anxious.
  • Tie your hair with a ponytail; so that it is not inconvenient at the time of massage
  • Try not to wear jewelry.
  • You need time to relax and cool before you start, so you must arrive on time.
  • Tell your therapist about your preferences, in terms of light, aroma, music, and others.
  • Drink lots of water before the session. Remember that you will release liquid through sweat.
  • Do not eat heavy.

Follow these recommendations and your experience with hot stone massage will be more than spectacular.

What will the procedure be like?

We always have doubts when we are starting something new. In this case you should stop worrying, our therapists are specialized in hot stone therapy. But to get closer to the procedure, here are some tips of our hot stone massage:

  • The amount of stones varies between 20 and 30. However, our professionals can have between 45 and 60 stones of various dimensions.
  • All the space will be conditioned and will be special for you. We will create an incredibly relaxing atmosphere for you
  • If you wish we can play music of your choice to enrich the environment.
  • The temperature of our stones will be ideal for therapy, but this does not burn your skin.
  • The stones will be aligned along your spine and at strategic points of the body.
  • It’s a complete therapy. We will also use a refreshing massage for better results.
  • We can alternate hot stones with cold marble stones. This will be a delicious feeling.

Give your love one or even yourself amazing hot stone massage gift cards to improve your health.

Therefore, if you want to experience all these amazing benefits for your health, visit us at massage center in chicago. We will be happy to help you. Like us on Facebook and learn more about us! Soon the world championship massage 2020, check about it!