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best hot stone massage chicago

Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

The Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

Since when have you not given yourself a massage session that benefits your health? Have you thought about the number of hours you work during the month, without spending a small part of that time giving your body a gift? Well, it was time to feel the wonderful effects of the best hot stone massage in Chicago.
This massage consists of placing hot volcanic stones (brought from Hawaii) over the energy points of your body. These points can include the spine, knees, shoulders, rib cage, abdomen, forehead, hands, toes, etc.

Hot Stone Massages are a Great way to Relax!

The action of hot stone massage in Chicago on your whole body is extraordinary. This is due to the perfect synchronization that exists between heated volcanic iron, and the energy points of the body. Therapists and specialists use these ancient techniques for your complete relaxation.

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How do therapyst apply hot stone massage?

best hot stone massage in chicago

Stones used for this type of massage

 Normally, the stones used for this therapy are basalt, given their ability to keep heat. Besides, they must be extremely smooth to avoid irritating the skin. The number of stones a therapist should have can vary between 20 and 30. Yet, some professional massage therapists usually have more than 45 or 60. At least, they should have two oval stones approximately 20 cm (8 inches) long by 15 cm (6 inches) wide, seven that fit in the palm of his hand, and eight small ones about the size of an egg.

Stones temperature

Ideally, the therapist should prepare the stones 30 to 60 minutes before the session begins. The water should be around 50 ºC (120 ºF) hot since the stones usually cool down to 38 or 43 ºC (100 or 110 ºF) after removal. Once they are hot, they should be removed and cleaned one by one.
Before starting the massage, you should consult with the client and make sure they are comfortable with the temperature of the stones. Each person will have their own reaction to different temperatures, and our intention is not to burn them. To avoid this, it is best to place a sheet or towel and then place the stones on top.
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Where to place the stones?

The stones are positioned medium to large along the sternum, collarbone and on the hands. The size of the stones may vary according to the size and build of the person. However, put one or more stones on both sides of the collarbone, two large ones along the sternum and two the size of your palm on the hands. It is not necessary for the person to hold them, instead, he/she should hold them lightly and remain totally relaxed.

Stone Massage

A palm-sized stone is used to massage the rest of the body. Once all the stones have been placed in the front, the therapist takes a stone the size of your palm and applies oil to it. Then go through the muscle fibers from head to toe to massage any remaining knots. You should also take some time to massage the stones that were previously placed on the skin. When you are finished, the practitioner can remove them all.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

The benefits of hot stone massage in Chicago are the following:

  • Reduces stress, due to the total relaxation action that is experienced when all the body’s energy flows, releasing anxiety.
  • Promotes good sleep, with hot stone therapy decreases adrenal secretion, balancing mental hyperactivity which induces peaceful and relaxed sleep.
  • Comprehensive relief of any medical condition, this benefit is achieved by its direct action on diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Excellent appearance and aesthetics, by releasing toxins from your body due to the heat produced by volcanic stones, it improves your blood circulation and this translates into a much brighter and radiant skin.

Therefore if you want to experience all these amazing benefits for your health, visit us. We are the only Spa that offers the best hot stone massage in all of Chicago.

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