A Guide to Minimize the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

A Guide to Minimize the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

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The daily work that forces you to sit for several hours during the working day has its effects on your health. These tips will guide you on how to minimize the effects of prolonged sitting for a continuous state of well-being.

The human body is not designed to sit for long periods. The effects of working in a sitting position can cause the back to shrink, or creating tension around the shoulder area due to an abnormal keyboard typing position.

The Massage Fix

A massage can alleviate these muscle tensions and prevent further imbalances and damage. An excessive use of the keyboard can generate pain in the upper back for the non-ergonomic positions assumed.

On the other hand, poor posture can affect the lower back. As a result of gravity pushing the weight of the torso down into the pelvis it can cause pain and numbness; as well as damage to the sciatic nerve.

Massage would relieve these tensions from aching muscle by exerting pressure to increase blood flow to the area. It can reduce pain caused by sitting for a long time.

High blood pressure problems

Sitting can lead to high blood pressure. Massage treats the underlying causes of high blood pressure by loosening tight muscles, improving blood flow, and decreasing stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety problems

Massage therapy performed by trained professionals helps to alleviate emotional tensions. In addition, it serves to treat depression and anxiety.  The calming effect of Relax massage in Chicago elevates blood flow and improve your quality of life.

Massage is a safe way to alleviate many of these ailments. Professional massage therapists will help you ailments by staying seated a lot.

Massage can be beneficial to help you minimize the effects of a prolonged sitting and to improve the condition and well-being of your body, but it is not a substitute for traditional medical care.

Massages are one of the best investments you can make for your health. Calming that tension in the back caused by long hours of sitting and prolonged work will make you feel relieved, your productivity will improve and your body will thank you.

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