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A Guide to Common Massage Therapy Stroke Techniques

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A Guide to Common Massage Therapy Stroke Techniques

Health is a vital element of the human being, therefore we must start our good practices. Today we have a guide to common massage therapy stroke techniques. This is so you can learn what you get inside a massage center.

As an excellent treatment for existing physical conditions. As well as, to prepare muscles at high levels of performance.

In the same order of ideas is an effective mechanism that helps protect the body against future sports injuries.

It is very important for a massage therapist or area specialist, the use of appropriate tools, supplies, regulations and equipment. This is in order to provide a safe and effective massage experience.

Indications of massage therapy

The extraordinary effect of massage acts on the following pathologies: Arthritis processes, muscle paralysis, fracture bedding, hemiplegia. Also cases of dislocations, reduction of edema, cellulite, sprains, bruises and varicose veins.

On a psychological level, it acts as a general relaxant of altered moods and to drain anxiety and stress.

Thigh Massage Therapy Stroke Technique

Massage techniques practice

Massage techniques are modalities and methodologies performed by professionals with therapeutic purposes in different areas of the body. Next we are going to enunciate the most common techniques of blows for massage therapies.


The Effleurage, is a massage technique that basically consists of touching or gently touching the treated areas of the body.


It is a modality of massage with emphasis on a kneading of the muscles with the fingertips or the whole hand.


It is a special form of massage performed equally with the fingertips or the whole hand but, with a gentle rub.

a guide to common massage therapy


It is generally used for bedridden and low mobility patients. And it basically consists of percussion or patting the back to drain mucus plugs from the bronchi.

a guide to massage


It is a technique focused on a series of oscillations through successive pressures and relaxations on muscle tissues.

We hope that this article has illustrated you about the different modalities of massage therapy stroke techniques.

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