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A Brief History of Hot Stone Massage

Brief History of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage, or geothermal therapy, combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones at different temperatures on the skin. This is to ease the flow of vital energy and thus reduce physical and emotional disorders. Here is a Brief History of Hot Stone Massage.

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First references in history of Hot Stone Massage

We know that geothermal therapy has gained popularity in the last few years, but its origin lies in an ancient oriental massage technique. This technique, inspired by disciplines like Reiki. This states that the body has seven energy centers called “chakras”. Through which the energy of the universe (Rei) and the vital energy (Ki) of each person flow.
Surprisingly, the first written reference made to any type of massage is at the ancient Nei Ching, which is the great classic of Chinese medicine. In chapter 12 we find a direct reference to the benefits of massage for complete paralysis.
While in India, 1600 years B.C., the famous book of Ayurveda was already known. Which highlights the importance of massage.
According to it, this importance lay in the use of massage to heal diseases and snake bites to drop fatigue and heal injuries.
Hot Stone Massage History

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Hot Stone Massage and the 5 Elements

In Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures, during the Chinese, Japanese and Hindu empires, there were 5 main elements. These are earth, water, fire, wood, and metal, and they are the basis of natural balance. Each one has the ability to affect the other 4 elements equally in a positive or negative way. Also, in these cultures, it is discovered as the vital energy flows in the body of the human being.

The first reference of Hot Stone massage dates back to the Chinese medicine

The Chinese define it as lines of energy that flow through the body and pass through different organs. Each of them identifies with a natural element. So that if we stimulate any point of a meridian, we will get the increase or decrease of energy in the organs of the body. This maintains a natural balance. Different from them, the Hindu culture tells us that the chakras are spherical vortices (whirlpools) in the etheric body that act as energy transmitters.
They influence our activity on the physical plane through the functioning of the endocrine glands (glands of internal secretion such as the thyroid). These glands affect our body functions, mental balance, and emotional integrity. Depending on our use of them and our energies, they will be constructive or discordant.

5 Chinese Elements

Hot stone. Chinese five elements
Given these points, the massage with hot stones brings together all these elements in a single technique. Seeking harmony and natural balance of the body with its environment, you can find the 5 main elements in the following form:
The WOOD ignites with the FIRE that heats the METAL that contains the WATER that covers the STONES. The stones, by their nature, are charged with energy in the form of heat, which is transmitted to the body through the meridians and chakras.

Under this principle the use of hot stones in massage not only incorporates all the elements of natural balance, but also the heat emanating from them is absorbed by the energy channels to achieve a healthy and harmonious balance of the body.

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Hot Stone Massage Chicago is available in AOL Massage, the best massage spa in Chicago

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